Gary Dell’Abate became Howard’s producer when the show was on WNBC in New York in 1984.  Although Gary is often the brunt of jokes and the subject of song parodies – many of which involve his nickname, Baba Booey – everyone on the program has acknowledged that the show runs as smoothly as it does because of Gary.  The name “Baba Booey” originated years ago when Gary was talking about his hobby of collecting animation cells.  At the time Gary had just purchased a cell of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character, Baba Looie, which he called “Baba Booey.”  Gary took a lot of ribbing from Howard and gang over this and somehow, the name took hold.

In addition to being Howard’s producer, Gary also co-hosts two broadcasts on SIRIUS: “The Wrap Up Show,” which follows each day’s show and “The Friday Show,” which airs on the Fridays The Howard Stern Show doesn’t air and features recent clips mixed with some that date back to the WNBC days in the early 1980s.  Howard has pointed out that Gary’s ability to recall details of events that happened decades ago adds a great deal of insight to “The Friday Show.

One of Gary’s most memorable contributions to the show was when he handed over a videotape he recorded in an attempt to win back an ex-girlfriend in the late 1980s.  Gary is also known for his knowledge of music and at times participates in “Stump the Booey,” a game where listeners compete with Gary to identify the titles and artists of songs based on short clips.  Gary has taken his music knowledge to TV, winning VH1’s “Rock and Roll Jeopardy” and has appeared on “Hollywood Squares” five times.  An avid Jets and Mets fan, Gary has been labeled by Howard as “father of the year” because of the amount of time he spends with his two sons.  Gary is married to Mary.

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Gary Dell’Abate, Springsteen uber fan, and executive producer of The Howard Stern Show has long been part of the

American lexicon vis a vis his nickname ‘Baba Booey’.

However, there’s much that you may not have known about Gary.  In our first ‘SuperFan’ series episode, we explore

Gary’s difficult childhood, examine his unique relationship with the King of All Media, and uncover his obsession with

all things Springsteen.  You won’t want to miss it.

For more information on Gary’s book, ‘They Call Me Baba Booey’, visit his website

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